Context is key for valuations

business, urban, office, corporate, banking, stocks, finance, adult, success, comparison, choice, growth, sustainability,  teamwork, cooperation, community, boardroom, brainstorm, concept, levels, problem solving, solution, individuals, leadership, miniature, funny, humorous, giant, tiny, big and small, strategy, fun, studio, trust, partnership, agreement, responsibility, responsible, reliable, protection, big idea, big picture, the big idea, unity, men only, suit, standing, growth, scale For most of the past five years, investors in software companies prized revenue growth above all else. Investors were more than willing to overlook near-term profitability (or lack thereof) in favor of an acute focus on growth. As a result, entrepreneurs were encouraged to invest in building massive sales teams as quickly as possible to accelerate revenue growth, regardless of the cost. Read More
Original author: Jennifer Swanson Lowe
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Friday, 15 December 2017